Unfinished Step Stools


For those of you who enjoy adding your own special touch, here is the Unfinished version of my step stool.

 I made these for my grandchildren so they can get to the sink to wash up and brush their teeth.

They measure 12" tall x 14" deep and 12" wide.

These step stools are sturdy and there are no rough edges. Sanded smooth they are ready for finishing and

 will last a lifetime. Did I mention they will hold well over 200 pounds!


unfin3.jpg       unfin1.jpg


  Easy way for kids to get to the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth. This sturdy step stool is very stable and the top step is a good size for small feet! These are also very light so a child can easily pick it up and move it.


For added strength, the sides are made from plywood!




Unfinished Children's Step Stool


Please note, these will hold up to 200 pounds!


Cost: $54.99  (Shipping is $7.99)  


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