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painted stool     

left side  rightside

I ordered two of your unfinished step stools. I have painted step stools for almost all (9 of 14) of my grandchildren.
Attached is the latest one. They get them for their first birthday. I have one more but I am waiting on his birth. This is the first time I ordered from you but so far your's is the best. Solid, stable and ready to paint. Thank you.
Carol M

November 25, 2010

      These pictures are provided by Tim -- Thanks Tim, Great job of finishing

      Thank you for a wonderful product!!! We were delighted to support a handmade USA quality product!!
Beth C
 January 30, 2013
Dear Greg,

My name is Joel, and I received the wooden step stool yesterday morning (3/ 01) that I had ordered via Yes, it arrived in absolutely perfect condidtion. Now before I go on let me just say that the intent of usage for this stool wasn't going to be for any child, but rather my wife. She stands about 5' 1", stocky but muscular. We recently bought a brand new Sealey firm matress and box spring set. It sits much higher than the old bed and she was having a little bit of difficulty getting in and out so she asked if I could get her a step stool.

The stool looked pretty sturdy from the picture and I could see that it was made from unfinished wood, so I figured that if it did need any extra reinforcement it would be easy enough to do. When it arrived yesterday and I looked at the construction I knew immediately that no reinforcement would be necessary. I tested it first on the hard floor. I outweigh my wife by quite a few lbs, and I was no problem for it. The construction is indeed sturdy. The only modification I did was cover the top with 1/4 thick foam rubber and wrap it over with some carpet. Now it feels good under her feet and it works like a charm (picture attached). Mucho Kudos for building such a cool, sturdy stool that has made the Mrs. a very happy lady!

Very Nice     Thank you for a good product. These stools were just what we were looking for. We stained them with a light color, then painted and sealed them. These were a Christmas gift for our twin toddlers. They love them! The stools seem very durable and several coats of finish these will be a gift they will have and use for years and years.
Bill  12/29/12

    I painted one of your stepstools for my grandson for Christmas. My husband attached the wheels on the side and they do spin. I appreciate your craftsmanship, so I hope you like how It turned out.

Happy New Year!

nn     n2    Thanks to Robert B for these pictures!

Zachary imageA very talented artist named Jerri decorated this step stool. Thanks Jerri 10/12/12



jungle1  jungle2  lungleleft 

I recently purchased one of your step stools from ...

It was exactly what I was looking for to make a special gift for my nephew's 1st birthday! I looked ALL over the city for one... and finally found and bought one of yours from amazon! I have attached a few pictures of the finished product! Thank you very much!
Christina M
Las Vegas, NV
March 8,2011

shanna1 shanna2 shanna3

Hi! I purchased your step stool from Amazon and wanted to share the finished product with you! I painted this for my daughter's 2nd attached.





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